Safety First With Online Dating
We've all heard about them, sometimes its hearsay, sometimes its first hand. But dating disasters have been a part of courting since getting to know someone became a prerequisite to having a relationship with them.

Advice on Dating Agencies for Dating and Relationship Seekers
The online dating world is filled to the brim with countless romance, dating, and relationship seekers. At the same time there is an abundance of dating agencies competing with each other with promises to perfectly match these seekers with their soulmates…or whatever it is they are looking for.

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What are some good dating sites for people in their 20s?

My 22-year-old friend is extremely shy, but he really wants to get into the dating scene. I think online dating would be a good place for him, because he opens up once he gets to know people better. But, what dating sites are more focused on young people, and are actually good? Thanks!

I met my boyfriend on It took about a month, and he showed interest in me. I registered for a lot of different ones, and didn't like most. This one is the best so far, and the best thing is it is free!

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