Dating agencies - What you need to know
Using these alternative options for finding romance offers anonymity, a wide selection of singles and a highly targeted group of potential matches. Whether you choose a dating agency or an online dating website one thing you can be sure of is that the people you will meet are also looking to find someone that will bring a spark into their life.

Online dating sites - Utilizing chat rooms for success
There are many thousands of appealing singles profiles that are on offer on dating sites, learn how to achieve the best results and get noticed in the busy chat rooms. It's human nature to have a fear of rejection.

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How long after you ended a relationship did you date again?

I was in a long- term relationship, which I ended last week [as we became more friends than couple]. Now I feel that I want to date again, but part of me feels like I am betraying my ex-bf. What do you think?

Everyone is different so no set time but personally i always take a couple of months off just so i don't take any problems or baggage into the next relationship. just be sensitive with your ex if they ask you if your dating best of luck.

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