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When the internet became popular amongst the general public, it was thought that it would cause isolation and possibly a reduction in social interaction. The opposite has occured though with the introduction of websites such as face book, MySpace and YouTube.

Important Advice For Dating
If you are new to the dating scene, a normal or just purely somebody trying to meet someone special there be supposed to always be time for best dating tips, suggestion, information and things to believe. So we would have a wonderful formula to present to others.

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How do i make my boyfriend horny without making it obvious?

Hes coming round tomorrow and i want to make him horny just by doing little things, not things like BJ etc. He is 17 and im 15 if thats any help What should I wear? Where should I touch him *accidently*? And so on Thanks for any help xx No comments about the age or anything please :) x

Mhm. ---- Sit on his lap, that'll be sure to turn him on. Just keep looking at him, like a sexy look. Show cleavage, and wear something cute, but not too sexy, make it cute but simple. Wear your hair down. Most of all be confident (: Btw, nothing's wrong w/ you dating a 17 year old.

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