Online Dating Safety
Online dating safety warning signs. Online dating is a brilliant and increasingly popular way to meet new people whether to for friendships or take it that step further but you should always do your utmost to ensure your online dating safety.

Men Dating Women - Dating Women on Birth Control
When women tell men they're dating that they're on birth control, the men take it as "green light." In other words, men dating women on birth control immediately think they're safe from all repercussions (read "baby") that can come from having sex.

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Why do we lie on profiles for dating sites?

I just filled out a yahoo personal and just could not put down the deep down me. I've seen personals from women that rail from to much to soon and others that say they skip over those that are to brief. So why lie, and which is better to much or to little detail?

Why do WE lie? Don't include me in your little equation: I don't do dating sites. And it's probably because people on dating sites really want to find someone to date and thus they'll try to make themselves sound as good as they can... or possible better than they are.

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