The Dating Industry Today
A brief look at the five different types of Online Dating Service; The online dating industry is extremely competitive, with thousands of dating companies competing for the same market space. However unlike Abraham Lincoln's famous speech "All Men Are Created Equal", not all online dating services are created in the same way, or have the same objective.

Do You Know the Techniques of Wooing Women with Online Dating?
Many people think that it is easy to get along with people through online dating. But, if that is the situation, then why are there are so many dating advices and tips.

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Is it possible to date someone now a days, and not have them expect that they will be getting sex?

Everyone thinks that sex is to be expected. How do you let them know that it isn't in the cards, because of your religion.

Well. this is not possible. .. . if some one is dating.. means need sex.. but if some one is in love and dating (and the love is true) then this thinking of sex will be after marriage. (both of the partners will think of it but at a right time.

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